Advantages of Tata FleetMan

Tata FleetMan

Tata Fleetman has introduced a host of Telematics solutions and services in the market which can help fleet operators monitor their fleets in real time, enhance productivity as well as safety and reduce operating costs.

Reduced Fuel Costs

Minimizing fuel cost is the endeavor of every fleet operator since it represents 40 to 50% of the total cost of the transport operation. For the first time in Indian market, Tata Fleetman has introduced features that can directly help in reducing fuel consumption.

  • Fleet owners can now monitor fuel consumption of their vehicles in real time and work towards reducing it by optimizing routes and driving behavior. (Only applicable to Prima range of vehicles)
  • Fuel wastage due to excessive engine idling can also be monitored and rectified based on the true idling detection feature available in Tata FleetMan

Better fleet visibility and control

Several features in the Tata Fleetman Fleet tracker solution help the fleet operator track his fleet and control vehicle movements:

  • Real time vehicle tracking on google maps
  • Clear visibility of the vehicle directional movement towards destination
  • Alerts on exception events during the journey
  • Alerts on vehicle reaching destination or crossing way-points through geo-fencing feature
  • Tata FleetMan mobile application for hassle free fleet visibility on the cell phone.

Better fleet utilization

Tata Fleetman can help in improving fleet utilization through reduction in idle time and better planning of return loads.

  • Fleet owners can now track the status of the fleet utilization on real time basis and also historically.
  • Tata Fleetman generates alerts on vehicle waiting or stopping at a specified location beyond the set time limit thus helping the fleet operator reduce idle time.
  • Extensive fleet utilization summary reports available to fleet owners that can be set for automatic delivery to mailboxes

Better fleet safety and security

Tata Fleetman provides a range of features for accident prevention, vehicle theft prevention emergency alerts and stolen vehicle tracking.

  • Alerts on SMS and email for unsafe driving behaviour like harsh acceleration, braking and cornering, overspeeding, night driving etc
  • A unique safety feature introduced for the first time in Indian market by Tata Fleetman is provision of a Panic button on the dashboard to relay SOS SMS alerts to fleet owner and other pre-defined numbers in case of an emergency.(Only available in vehicles with OE fitted Tata Fleetman Telematics unit)
  • In the event of vehicle theft, its movements can be tracked on Tata Fleetman, even if the main battery is disconnected, with the high capacity internal battery
  • The Smart telematics unit in Tata Fleetman sends alert messages when main power supply to the unit is removed or the device is tampered with thus giving an advance warning of a possible theft of the unit or the vehicle.

OEM reliability

Tata FleetMan is installed in the vehicle at the manufacturing stage or by Tata Motors Dealers in the aftermarket. This ensures better integration with other vehicle systems and hence, makes it safer and more reliable compared to other market solutions.

A strong support network

Tata FleetMan is supported by over 1200 service locations across the country, aided by a call centre. This ensures immediate response and service availability at current location of the vehicle in every nook and corner of the country.