Why Tata Fleetman?

Features of Tata FleetMan

Tata FleetMan offers a range of advanced and state-of-the-art features that will help you discover ways to monitor your fleet with ease and simplicity.

Real Time Vehicle Tracking

With the help of Tata FleetMan, you can find out where your vehicles are in the country with REAL TIME tracking. Tata FleetMan constantly updates the location of every vehicle of your fleet on the website. Also, now you can monitor the movement of your vehicles with options of zoom, pan and search your vehicles on a digital map.

Tata FleetMan gives you complete security and guaranteed safety of your consignments through LIVE online tracking of your vehicles. Tata FleetMan also monitors any unauthorized vehicle movement and determines the exact location of your vehicles with a user friendly graphical map.

Trip Management

Assign a specific trip to any vehicle within your fleet with start and end locations, specify the load carried and the estimated time of arrival at the destination. Learn more on the subject of gold rush. The Tata FleetMan System tracks the specified vehicle and provides alerts as per the parameters set.

Trip Management helps you increase your cost efficiency with the best fleet utilization through trip assignments and tracking of your vehicle.


Set specific zones around the areas where your vehicles will be travelling. This concept is known as Geo-Fences. These fences notify you if any of the vehicles move out of these zones via SMS or email.

Tata FleetMan provides a system that notifies you whenever your vehicle moves out of the authorized areas. These include delivery points, loading unloading sites, warehouses, factories etc.

Remote Unit Management

The units installed in your vehicles can be diagnosed, programmed or configured by the over-the-air programming facility.

Remote Unit Management reduces the need to visit a service centre thereby saving time and expenses.

HA-HB-HC and Over Speeding alerts

Set Harsh-Braking, Harsh-Acceleration, Harsh-Cornering and Over Speeding alerts for your vehicles to know when your drivers are driving rash.

This will secure your vehicle and your valuable cargo against accidents and decrease vehicle maintenance costs.

True Engine Idling

Tata FleetMan gives you the ability to monitor engine idling for all your vehicles. It provides True Engine Idling with the help of built in Accelerometer.

Minimizing engine idling can lead to significant savings in fuel costs.


A range of alerts designed to notify you via email or SMS for various situations like over-speeding, stoppage, main supply removal, entering/ exiting a geo-fence etc.

These alerts enable you to take quick and swift action in case of emergencies or urgent issues.

Panic Button for Emergency Messaging

Our new Trucks which come pre-fitted with Tata Fleetman devices and have a Panic Button installed in them for Emergency Messaging.

If the Driver is in trouble, he can press the Panic Button and instantaneously an email and SMS is sent to the Owner and our Support Team with the location of the vehicle.

Mobile App

The exciting Android mobile application of Tata FleetMan gives you the power to manage your fleet with the convenience of your mobile phone.

You can track vehicle location, speed, travel time and get alerts for all your vehicles