Tata FleetMan Solutions

Following are the best in class solutions.

Fleet Management

  • Real Time Vehicle Tracking: With the help of Tata FleetMan, you can find out where your vehicles are in the country with REAL TIME tracking. Tata FleetMan constantly updates the location of every vehicle of your fleet on the website. Also, now you can monitor the movement of your vehicles with options of zoom, pan and search your vehicles on a digital map.
    Tata FleetMan gives you complete security and guaranteed safety of your consignments through LIVE online tracking of your vehicles. Tata FleetMan also monitors any unauthorized vehicle movement and determines the exact location of your vehicles with a user friendly graphical map.

  • Geo Fencing: Set specific zones around the areas where your vehicles will be travelling. This concept is known as Geo-Fences. Find out more pertaining to gold rush. These fences notify you if any of the vehicles move out of these zones via SMS or email.
    Tata FleetMan provides a system that notifies you whenever your vehicle moves out of the authorized areas. These include delivery points, loading & unloading sites, warehouses, factories etc.

  • Alert Reporting: A range of alerts designed to notify you via email or SMS for various situations like over-speeding, stoppage, main supply removal, entering/ exiting a geo-fence etc.
    These alerts enable you to take quick and swift action in case of emergencies or urgent issues.
  • Analytical Reports: Generate the reports of your choice like vehicle travel, over-speeding, stoppage, fleet summary, etc. and improve the performance of your fleet.
    Tata FleetMan makes sure you get an in-depth analysis which in turn helps you improve your fleet performance and also keeps you up to date which helps you analyze the benefits of new operational performances implemented.

Trip Management

  • Assign a specific trip to any vehicle within your fleet with start and end locations, specify the load carried and the estimated time of arrival at the destination. The Tata FleetMan System tracks the specified vehicle and provides alerts as per the parameters set.
    Trip Management helps you increase your cost efficiency with the best fleet utilization through trip assignments and tracking of your vehicle.

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