Telematics Hardware

Tata FleetMan Hardware – ML25

The Telematics hardware unit mounted on the vehicle is the most critical component of any Telematics system. To ensure reliability, durability and optimal performance in extreme environmental conditions, Tata FleetMan employs an extremely rugged Telematics unit fitted with state of the art electronic and electrical components. This technologically advanced and highly capable unit can compare with the best available globally.

Some of the market leading features are:

  • IP67 protection rating indicating very high resistance against dust and protection against water even when submerged up to a depth of 1 meter.
  • Certified Automobile grade by ARAI and UK based certifying agencies. Indicating that the unit can operate at near optimal levels in the most extreme temperatures and withstand severe vibrations over long periods of time.
  • A best in the industry, 3 years warranty on the telematics device
  • The telematics unit has on-board LEDs for ease of fault diagnosis and field support.
  • The unit has a built in protection against tampering – a tamper alert is instantly sent to the fleet owner.
  • In case of any software upgrades on the unit firmware, all existing units can be remotely updated over the air, without external intervention or disturbance to vehicle operation.

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